Who we are

GSEC EDI Europe is a multi-language team located in Spain (Valencia), responsible for the European EDI connections between Ford and Trading Partners.

Other EDI offices in Ford:
GEC HUB team in North America (Responsible of non EU EDI Connections).

If you are not looking for an EDI connection but just a Network connection with Ford, please go to the following Website http://www.suppcomm.ford.com/us/ or contact the appropriate help desk below:
• Suppliers located in EU: GSEC Europe (scommsuk@ford.com).
• Suppliers located in America or Asia Pacific: GSEC NA (gsecdesk@ford.com)

What we do

The GSEC - Spain team coordinates the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections for Ford suppliers located in Europe:
• Connection of new Suppliers
• Coordination and Setup of network (TCP/IP) connection required for the EDI connection between Ford and Trading Partner
• Coordination and Setup of EDI connections and parameters
• Changes to existing connections
• Migrations
• EDI-connection Support
• EDI Troubleshooting