EDI connection options

Ford only defines an EDI Interface based on the Automotive Industry standards, which Ford suppliers have to comply with:
• Network transport protocol: TCP/IP only
• Data transmission protocol: OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol) only.
• Data formats: EDIFACT

Important: Ford does not provide any EDI solutions but leaves it to the supplier to determine the best EDI application. The choice of the right EDI solution not only depends on Ford's needs, standards and procedures, but on the supplier's business processes, IT standards and any applicable rules as well. The supplier is completely responsible for the selection, implementation and operation of the EDI solution on his side.

Available connection types

Connection type Direct connection to Ford EDI Protocol Network option
OFTPv2 Yes OFTPv2 Public Internet
VAN (Value Added Network) No (Third party connection) depends on VAN depends on VAN