Any other Trading Partner not included in categories above. E.g.: Agencies, Banks, Assurance companies.

What do I need?

  • EDI connection with Ford

    Note: OFTPv2 with all security options enabled (encryption, signature, authentication= is strongly recommended when data to be transmitted is confidential.

  • On the data level (EDI files) it must be agreed between the Ford department (eg Ford Credit) and Trading Partner. EDI, text files, binary data, ... can be transmitted.

Documentation and Forms

Name Description Type
EDI brochure Longer explanation about what is EDI, how does EDI work, different types or files transmitted, etc.. All Trading Partners
Ford OFTP license License to be filled and sent to Ford to establish a new EDI connection. Only for Prod Parts suppliers
OFTP SSID Code How to obtain an OFTP SSID code All Trading Partners