Please find below our support contacts for EDI communications between Ford and your company. Depending on the type of problem, you will have to get in touch with different areas within Ford.

Problem categories

Technical problems
Business problems
Data format issues
Reset of DDL RACFID passwords

Technical problems

If you are having difficulties using your EDI software, e.g. Actis, Baan, Harbinger, Seeburger, Darwin, then you should contact the software provider helpdesk.
The Global Supplier Electronic Communications (GSEC) group is responsible for the mailbox set-up and technical connectivity of the EDI system, hence in all cases where any transmission problem occurred, please contact GSEC.
Typical problems are:
• You did not receive any data
• Your attempts to send ASNs failed due to communication problems
• You sent ASNs but they are not visible in CMMS
GSEC details:
Suppliers in E-mail: Fax: Helpdesk
Europe scommssp@ford.com +34-96-179-1227 +34-96-179-1467

Business problems

The Release analyst in the Supply Chain Management organisation is your regular day-to-day work contact for all business related EDI issues. Consequently, they are to be contacted in cases where you have questions around the content of the EDI data transmitted. Some examples are:
• Your ASNs are not matched in the CMMS system
• You got releases/DCIs for obsolete or unknown parts
• You got unexpected release increases
• All questions regarding online usage of and data in CMMS (DDL).
To find out your contacts in SCM, please look-up the CMMS screen SEBA and you will find the "Group F/U Analyst Code" of your Release analyst. Use the CMMS screen FBBA to find the name and phone number of the Release Analyst by entering the 5-digit plant code or the plant group code (FOGFU for V.O. plants or FOBPT for Manufacturing plants) in the location and plant field.

Data format issues

If you are experiencing data format issues or data content problems unrelated to a known plant, please contact the central MP&L PL helpdesk. Typical problems include:
• Corrupted data provided in the Release/DCI
• Mandatory data fields in the Release/DCI are not filled in or incorrectly used
• You received data for plants which are unknown to you
• The dock code for one part on the weekly Release is different to the DCI
Preferred method of communication is via e-mail, since that allows us to better schedule workload. So please write to hlpcmmse@ford.com. In urgent cases you are welcome to call +49 221 9015434. This helpdesk is operational from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. German time only.

Reset of DDL RACFID passwords

Please call the Single Point of Contact (SPOC).
• Germany: +49 (0)221 90 1 3322
• UK: +44 (0)1277 25 3322
• North America 1-313-31-74957

We provide EDI support by Email and Phone. Please see our Contact page.