A VAN connects a Trading partner indirectly to FORD. The Trading partner connects to the VAN instead of FORD enabling data-conversion and connection methods not supported by FORD


• Connection with a VAN supported by FORD

NEW connection

1. Ask your Ford Business Sponsor to submit the EDI approval form (see note below).
2. Select a VAN
3. Fill out OFTP license form with your OFTP parameters and send it to GSEC (
4. Configure connection
5. Coordinate with GSEC team to test the connection

Important note:
According to Ford's Access Control Policy, a new EDI connection between a Trading Partner and Ford must be requested and approved by a Ford (or equivalent GFT, FCSD, etc.) business sponsor. If you are a trading partner seeking for a EDI connectivity with Ford, contact your Ford Business Sponsor, ask them to go to (for Ford internal use only).
Changes of an existing EDI connection does not require the approval of a sponsor.

CHANGE of existing connection

Fill out OFTP license form with your new OFTP parameters and send it to GSEC (

VAN (Value Added Network) description

VANs (Value Added Networks) are 3rd party companies that allow Trading Partners to connect to them using nearly any type of connection method.
The VAN is connected to FORD and sends and receives EDI data on behalf of the Trading Partner.
The use of a VAN permits the use of connection methods not offered by FORD. It enables the Trading Partner to receive and send EDI data in a variety of formats (XML, CSV, Excel, etc.) depending on the solution. FORD only permits the EDIFACT or VDA message format, depending on the EDI file.
Please see the VAN link section in Supplier Requirements


• Depending on supplier's link, its EDI software should be able to automate the connection & data transfer process.
• EDI set-up and end to end testing can be made the same or next day if both parties already have connections.
• Indirect Connection (No TCP/IP network connection between Trading partner and FORD).
• It is the Trading Partner's responsibility to ensure that the VAN is processing and transmitting the EDI data correctly. FORD it is not to be held responsible in case of a VAN failure.
Production Parts suppliers MUST integrate Releases and DCIs. Therefore WebEDI solutions without automatic integration are not allowed.

VAN list

DataInterchange Plc
Sterling Commerce
Please contact us first in case of VAN not listed above.


Depends on the VAN.