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Help Desk

General Information

For general inquiries, please open a Supplier Access Ticket. View this page for instructions.

Trouble Resolution - Connectivity:

For trouble resolution regarding your previously established network connection with Ford Motor Company:

  1. If you have already checked with your network administrator and the problem appears to be on Ford Motor Company's side, then have your network administrator call the Ford Motor Company Corporate Help Desk at 1-313-317-4957 or 1-888-317-4957.
  2. Please specify that you are a Ford Motor Company Trading Partner having problems with your connection to Ford Motor Company over the ANX network or Public Internet. A trouble ticket will be opened and routed to the appropriate support group.

Please be prepared to provide the following information to Ford Motor Company when opening a trouble ticket:

  • Customer's service provider:
  • Ford Motor Company application customer is trying to connect to:
  • IP address:
  • Host name:
  • Customer's geographic location:
  • Customer's company name:
  • Type of system:
  • Last time connection to this application worked properly:
  • Last time customer tried to connect:
  • Last successful stage in connection attempt:
  • Exact error message:
  • Other people in the same working area are or are not able to connect:
  • Those people are connecting to the same or different application:
  • Results of customer's attempt to connect to a different application:
  • Results of customer's attempt to connect from a different location:
  • Customer's firewall administrator:
  • Firewall administrator has or has not been notified of the problem:
  • Contact information for firewall administrator:
  • Troubleshooting completed by firewall administrator:
  • Recent changes have or have not been made to the firewall:
  • Access to this application has or has not been requested from Ford Motor Company:
  • Trading Partner does or does not already have a working connection to Ford Motor Company for other purposes:

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