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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a VPN?
  1. A Virtual Private Network is a secure encrypted and authenticated session between trusted end points. It is deployed on a shared infrastructure such as the ANX or Public Internet and has characteristics of a private network. A VPN is often referred to as a secure "tunnel", usually implemented via IPSec technology.
  1. What is IPSec?
  1. IPSec or Internet Protocol Security is an industry standard suite of protocols which provide authentication and encryption over TCP/IP-based networks.
  1. What is the ANX?
  1. ANX or the Advanced Network Exchange is a business class multi-provider network which provides quality of service guarantees for:
    1. Performance
    2. Reliability
    3. Customer Care
    4. Security

    It was developed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and has since become a commercial enterprise owned and managed by a private company called ANXeBusiness, a subsidiary of SAIC.

  1. What is difference between ANX and FSN/FSP?
  1. FSN/FSP or Ford Supplier Network/Ford Supplier Portal is a Public Internet portal to web-based applications. It is used for low-volume, highly interactive access to Web-based applications. FSN/FSP does not have provisions for unattended file transfers, printing or support for non-HTTP traffic.
  1. What network access options are available for use over the ANX?
  1. A variety of connectivity options exist including DSL, traditional dedicated T1 and fractional T1 circuits, T3, OC3, DS3, and fractional DS3 circuits.
  1. Can suppliers use existing Public Internet circuits to access the ANX?
  1. No. Suppliers must install separate, additional circuits to access ANX.

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