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How to establish a Public Internet VPN tunnel with Ford Motor Company

To establish a Public Internet VPN tunnel with Ford Motor Company, the following assumptions must be understood by the Trading Partner:

  1. Trading Partner understands that the Public Internet VPN solution uses the Public Internet as the transport network. There is no SLA covering performance, availability or access. It is the Trading Partners responsibility to provide Public Internet access, monitoring and support to protect against transport network problems.
  2. Trading Partner must already have a high-speed Public Internet connection
  3. Trading Partner must have publically routable IP address space. Requests with private / RFC1918 addressing will not be accepted.
  4. Trading Partner must have the expertise necessary to configure and bring the tunnel up on their end.
  5. Ford Motor Company has significant experience with Checkpoint and Cisco IPSec devices. To establish a successful tunnel, it is recommended that an IPSec compatible devices which supports site to site tunnels using Public IP Addresses be used: This includes: Checkpoint Firewall-1 (version 4.1 or higher), Cisco ASA firewall, Cisco PIX firewall or Cisco IOS. There is no guarantee that any other IPSec device will work properly. Ultimately, the Trading Partner is responsible for configuring and troubleshooting the IPSec device at their end of the connection.
  6. This connection is strictly for Gateway-Gateway VPN's. We do not allow client VPN connections.

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